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Bella's Voice: A Voice For All Abused And Missing Children

and Bella's Hope: Missing and Unidentified Adults and Cold Case Files

We believe that every missing person deserves to come home. Our journey in missing person cases began with Bella's Voice when we realized that majority of missing children suffered abuse which resulted in their death before being reported missing. We branched out to include missing adults. In our eyes a missing person is a missing person. It does not matter if a child ran away from home, or an adult vanished on their own free will. What matters to us is that they are safe, and that their families are given peace of mind.

We run pages on Facebook for both missing children (Bella's Voice) and missing adults (Bella's Hope). We also run a search and rescue volunteer group. We share alerts, updates, fliers etc to keep the missing in the public's eye. We are set up to anonymously receive tips on cases, and we report the tips directly to the law enforcement agencies that are involved.

When a child goes missing, and a ground search begins, we create a page for that individual child. From that page, we communicate with law enforcement, communicate with family, we organize search teams, create fliers, direct SAR teams and supplies to the search area. Through our page, families have received generous donations from the community such as headstones, artistic drawings, keepsakes, funeral services and more when a child is found deceased. We do the same for the elderly, mentally disabled, and any adult that meets our criteria.

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