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Bella’s Story

In June of 2015, the body of a female toddler was found along the shore of Deer Island Massachusetts . She became known as the Deer Island Baby Doe.

The angelic face portrayed in the composite photo captured the hearts of many across the United States as well as internationally. 

A campaign was launched to identify “our” sweet baby girl. We worked endless hours fielding tips to law enforcement as they were sent to us via social media. Endless hours of getting her face out there for the world to see. We shared many tears during our search for her identity.

Throughout the search for her identity we saw the many faces of missing children . This made us realize how many children were missing and never found within the United states alone.

In Sept of 2015 law enforcement received that one tip they had been waiting on all along. The Deer Island Baby Doe was 2 year old Bella Bond.

Bella’s mother and her mothers boyfriend were arrested in connection with her case.

After being identified many people came forward stating that they had witnessed the abuse and neglect of Bella in the past. It was also revealed that child services had removed other children from the care of Bella’s mom and placed into the care of a family member. Child services had also been involved in investigating the abuse allegations concerning Bella.

If someone would of spoken up and been persistent in reporting and investigating her abuse, Bella might still be alive today.

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