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What We Do

Bella’s Voice is a not for profit volunteer organization that raises awareness and educates the public about child abuse. We also:

  • Report cases of suspected child abuse on behalf of anyone that wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Provide comfort bags for children that are being removed from their home and placed in to state/custodial care.
  • Offer peer support for positive parenting.
  • Assist in missing child cases.

Our story

Bella’s Voice is an organization created to aid in the fight against child abuse. We have numerous ongoing projects and take on new projects all of the time.

We aim to combat child abuse, change the statistics and be the voice of the hundreds of children abused daily.

We established our organization after working the case of Bella Bond. Her case opened our eyes and showed us how many children were dying at the hands of child abuse. We realized that we needed to be the voice of our nations children. We also realized that we needed to teach others how to be the voice of children.

We realize that in combating child abuse, that we are fighting a very large battle, however if we can stop the abuse of one child then we have made a step towards winning this war.

Will you SACRA?

Save A Child Report Abuse

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